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All program investment rates are deducted automatically via Checking or Savings Accounts, Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card.  Cash or check payment made directly to Tyson’s Taekwondo are accepted only in 3 month installments at the rates below.  Month to Month Cash or Check Payments made directly to Tyson’s Taekwondo are 20% above the Monthly Rate for any of the packages below.  All of our investment packages require a $70 registration investment fee.  Any monthly cash payments made directly to Tyson’s Taekwondo are ineligible for specials.


Tyson’s Traditional Taekwondo/Introduction to Combat Taekwondo (MMA) and Women’s Self-Defense  


1-Year Package          $175 per month, 9 classes per month.  Traditional uniform                     

(Black Belt Club)        (White $55) required.


1-Year Package          $150 per month, 8 classes per month. Traditional uniform.

(Executive)                  (White $55) required                       


1-Year Package          $125 per month, 4 classes per month. Traditional uniform

(Regular)                     (White $55) required.



6-Month Package.      $200 per month, 4 classes per month.  Traditional uniform

                                      required. ($55)






Monday                                   5:00-6:00pm. Open class. All traditional students

Monday through Thursday       4:10-5:00pm After School Karate Students Only.

Tuesday through Thursday      5:00-6:00pm Children 5-14yrs.

Tuesday through Thursday      6:00-7:00pm Adults 15 years and up, select Junior Black Belts                                                   

                                                 Mature pre-teens/teens.




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