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Tyson's Taekwondo Traditional Program is for the dedicated student who has the desire to take the teachings of Taekwondo to a higher level!  For the young child, the program emphasizes the highest level of discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, concentration and coordination.  The program continues to heighten improved social interaction and academic performance.  As with the Self-Defense/Self-Awareness, the Traditional Taekwondo Program also includes the Tyson's Taekwondo achievement program along with defusing bullies.  Regularly, classes will end with a fun game geared to improve your child's overall physical coordination and listening skills.  For the young and mature adult, the program will benefit the student in the area of stress release, weight control, and physical coordination.  The Traditional Taekwondo Program takes it to new limits!  Each student will learn basic kicks, spinning kicks, jump kicks, flying kicks along with an unlimited amount of 2 kick and 3 kick combinations.  New to the program is an elaborate attack series program that promotes each student to strategically create openings on their opponent.  All students will learn basic self-defense.  Board breaking gives a student an opportunity to test their power and focus.  Students will continue to learn blocks and punches along with a forms system that will lead them from the White Belt through the Black Belt level.  Traditional classes are for students 5 years & up. Uniforms are required.  Traditional classes are a year round program.  You can start at any time! Parents with children can participate in with children during the children's class, then participate in the adult class.  No extra charge!  Our Introduction to Combat Taekwondo program is for the mature Young Adult, select Junior Black Belts & Adult Men & Women who has the desire to begin training like a MMA Fighter!  The program combines the Traditional Taekwondo aspect but will emphasize the stand up fighting arts of Taekwondo, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muy Thai Boxing.  Special safety equipment is required.